Conrad Altmann

Profile: Conrad Altmann

Q: Name?
Conrad Altmann

Q: Who are you and what do you do for a living?
I’m a graphic designer. Currently I’m specializing in design for the coffee industry given my experience in the sector.

Q: What are you passionate about, and how does it inspire your work?
I’m passionate about coffee and type. My passion for coffee makes what I do for my clients much more rewarding, and my passion for type design feeds me creatively and is the foundation of most of my design work.

Q: If we were a fly on the wall, what would we find you doing at home?
These days, you’d probably find me sketching for some current project while whistling to oldies or classical music… that is, if I hadn’t swatted you by then.

Q: A little known fact about yourself?
Well, most of the people who know me know this by now, but we’ll be moving back to the city where I first met my wife in December, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Q: What excites you about either your poster, or the upcoming poster show?
The prospect of dabbling in mediums and techniques that I don’t get much opportunity to these days, and meeting new designers in the Santa Cruz area.

Q: When you think of ‘a better place’, what do you think of?
Given the impending move, and the uncertainty of a new culture, the best place I can think of is home, where my wife is, wherever that is.

Q: Where can we contact you and/or see some of your work?
You can see links to my work on different websites at

Be sure to see Conrads poster, especially buy a print if you like it, at A Better Poster Show, hosted by Cruzio, on October 3rd.