The poster, as an object, has acquired a rich history over the past two-thousand years or so. It has seen use in nearly every arena of our lives, and continues to see its uses evolve over time. Now, with the prevalence of smart phones, online event calendars and the inconsistent use of our public spaces, its utility and perception are changing again. Perhaps we are guiding that direction now, into a pure, artistic object.

A Better Poster Show is an opportunity for artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, and printers to create something from this artistic motivation. Many creatives find themselves wanting an outlet for personal expression, and the Poster Show offers that outlet.

Each Poster Show event offers original, limited-edition poster-prints from a range of local creative talent.

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  1. Daniel Gestri
    Daniel Gestri at · Reply

    I am an intern of Ted Holladay and I would love to participate in your show. Poster design is one of the areas I am most experienced in. My work can be seen at http://www.danielgestri.portfoliobox.me/about-me.
    Daniel Gestri

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